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Gmail Account Recovery Without Phone Number

If user has lost or forgotten his gmail password then he can recover the account by three means. Either he should have an alternate email id or a trusted phone number or answers to some security questions. In case if user doesn't have a trusted phone number, then gmail account recovery without phone number can be done by other means.

  1. Open the login page.
  2. Click on the link, "Cannot access the account".
  3. In the next window, select the option, "i forgot my password..".
  4. Click "next"and enter the correct and complete gmail id and the code given there in the window and again click "next".
  5. The next page will ask to choose the option. Select  "alternate email id" and click "next". 
  6. The message will appear saying that the notification has been sent.
  7. If user doesn't have neither alternate email id nor a phone number then he have to click on "i don't have any of these".
  8. Then the troubleshooting will redirected to a form where user has to provide few correct information about his account. This information can be like first and last name, birth date of the user, answer of the security question, last accessed password, city, town etc. Basically, the Gmail team will try to identify the user through every mionute detail.
  9. When the user's verification will be done, a notification will be sent to reset the password.
User can check the notification and follow the instructions there to reset the password and to recover the account again.

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26 comments to this article

  1. Avatar

    on 03 August, 2017

    Daryll Pua
    I sent a comment previously just a minute ago. I need help recovering the email address I deleted: darylljoycepua@gmail.com so that I can delete my 2 uploads on my sound cloud account. Please help me. Thank you.
    Replied by: info@gmailtechnicalsupportphonenumber.com
    Sir, i have answered your query in your last comment i think you can find quick solution and easy access to your account by just calling us on 1-844-622-4283

  2. Avatar

    on 03 August, 2017

    Daryll Pua
    darylljoycepua@gmail.com The email address above is already deleted by me by mistake, because I left my sound cloud account active with 2 uploads that I wish to delete but can't because I made the mistake of deleting the google account first. I need help recovering this email. Thank you.
    Replied by: info@gmailtechnicalsupportphonenumber.com
    I think you should login with same id and password and you will find a way by re-logging in with same id and password which you have deleted Or if you wish to get instant support then get your problem solved quickly by Calling us on 1-844-622-4283

  3. Avatar

    on 02 August, 2017

    Rabu Mojapelo
    Kindly assist in recovering my account.I also cannot remember password for recovery mail.My phone number is +27729821699
  4. Avatar

    on 02 August, 2017

    I forget recovery mail or phone nomber
  5. Avatar

    on 17 July, 2017

    Travis Hansel
    I forgot my gmail account password and I no longer have my phone number I used to send a text to, I've tried to send it to another phone number but it wouldn't work either. I also tried to use my Mother's gmail account so I could recover and change my password. I also answered the security question. Please help!!
    Replied by: Aidan Walker
    Dude i also met with somewhat same problem as yours and i found my way out via this site only. As i was in hurry so i directly called them,or either you can go through their site its nice or you can call them directly on 1-844-622-4283. i am sure you will find a way out

  6. Avatar

    on 17 July, 2017

    Declan Loveless
    Hi, I am no longer using this phone number, I can't access my account. I need to access it.
    Replied by: info@gmailtechnicalsupportphonenumber.com
    Dear Declan, Just try answering security questions in forget password option If you dont find way out of that then just call us on 1-888-712-1422 and get online assistance with a guarantee of getting your problem solved.

  7. Avatar

    on 16 July, 2017

    I know my email and password but it refuses to let me into my account without an old phone number so please tell me how I can get into it once more!!!!!!!
    Replied by: Admin

    Dear Samari, Just enter you new number there and ask to send new code to the other or new number. U can find solution in that way, If in case you need a help then call us on our toll free number mentioned at the top....

  8. Avatar

    on 16 July, 2017

    negesa mwajumah
    I lost my phone number and I can't get access to my email .
    Replied by: info@gmailtechnicalsupportphonenumber.com
    Dear Negesa Mwajumah, Just try answering few security questions and then you will be able to access your account. So dont worry just answet them and you will find a way. We are always there for you, If in case you need assistance then call us on our toll free number.

  9. Avatar

    on 16 July, 2017

    Jolito yosores
    I can't receive my verification code becouse my phone number not in used
    Replied by: info@gmailtechnicalsupportphonenumber.com
    Dear Jolito, Just change your phone number and enter the new one or the one which you are possessing. I think it will help you. For further query just call on our toll free number mentioned on top and get assisted.

  10. Avatar

    on 12 July, 2017

    Trying to recover a Gmail that way accidently deleted. And forgot the password. And the cell phone connected to the account doesn't work anymorw
    Replied by: Krystal Pettinson
    Mary try logging in by sending mail on secondary email And if not then call on- 1-888-828-4871 Call and get solution............. First try doing what i said.!!

    Replied by: Noah Liam
    Krystal i think more easy way would be making new account as her account was new and she would havent uploaded anything new.... But then also if you want to recover it from Gmail Technical Support Number which is 1-844-307-5663.....

  11. Avatar

    on 12 July, 2017

    Shawn gibbons
    This is my wife's Gmail I can't access mine Shawn gibbons Shawngibbons7@gmail.com Open April 2017 my phone is no longer available how do I get it back
    Replied by: info@gmailtechnicalsupportphonenumber.com
    Dear User, We are always here for you just call us on 1-888-712-1422, Get instant support and get assisted 24X7. Because your problem is ours and we solve it like its ours.

  12. Avatar

    on 11 July, 2017

    Ugyen Cheda
    Not able to sign to my Google account though l know my password
    Replied by: Kevin
    I think there is some technical issue. When i face technical issue then i call on a number take it, It may help you out 1-844-622-4283

  13. Avatar

    on 10 July, 2017

    i have forget my Email address and i didnot remember my phone no which i had submitted at that time of creation of account, now i can't access my account and i have remember the email address please help. .
    Replied by: Ethan
    I had met with the same problem but it was catered in such a way that i felt as if it was nothing for them. Dude i called on a number- 1-888-828-9864. I think you should go for it.

  14. Avatar

    on 10 July, 2017

    Joseph mares
    My current gmail is this one my phone broke and i lost the service cuz i had to replace my phone the number used to be 5052784046 and the email was thoeryoftheend@gmail as well as josephsmares1991@gmail please help me get back into my accounts like all my photos and numbers are there i can send the imie number of the devixe and approximately the last time of use please help
    Replied by: Matthew Sebastian
    Oh Jesus!! Joseph i met with a problem but it was a bit easy then yours. But you can try on the same number, U can try getting solution out of it. 1-844-622-4283, Rest its on Jesus, u can try once.

  15. Avatar

    on 10 July, 2017

    I need to reset my password. I changed phone numbers
    Replied by: Henry Mason
    Its very easy Man........ Then too, in a bit difficult situation i use to call on 1-844-307-5663 you will definitely get it there, But i think you should first try on your own.........

  16. Avatar

    on 09 July, 2017

    how do I recover my gmail account without gmail password or phone number?
    Replied by: Brian
    By answering security question man.... Just help yourself out its very simple Else call on Gmail Support Number i.e. 1-888-828-4871

  17. Avatar

    on 07 July, 2017

    My account karthikasaran@gmail.com unable to access. Kindly help me to access this account. For further details please send the email to Karanmadhu89@gmail.com. thanks!
    Replied by: Patrick
    Karthika, Dont get panic just call on 1-888-676-4496 And get assisted asap

  18. Avatar

    on 02 July, 2017

    rodel singua
    please help me to recover my gmail account because i forgot my password and phone number, thank you
  19. Avatar

    on 30 June, 2017

    I forgot my password, my phone number is lost and other secret question i forgot how can i recover my account without secret question phone number. Thank you
  20. Avatar

    on 30 June, 2017

    I have not remember my password and my mobile number is not mentioned while opening account. I am not able to login in. Please request to help to set password.
    Replied by: Ryan
    Just try answering questions when you go for forget password Another way is that you can contact on Gmail Support on 1-844-307-5663

  21. Avatar

    on 30 June, 2017

    Vannetto Burpo
    Can't access my account don't have access to phone on file
    Replied by: info@gmailtechnicalsupportphonenumber.com
    Dear Vannetto Burpo, Just call on 1-888-712-1422 and get instant support on any glitches related to Gmail and its Technical support. Thank you

  22. Avatar

    on 29 June, 2017

    I really in a trouble with my gmail pass word. I have my recovery e mail and pass word. but the said they are couldn't very five its me. I have to check lot of emails.pls help me
    Replied by: Glenn
    Just call on our support number 1-844-622-4283 And get solution of problem

  23. Avatar

    on 28 June, 2017

    Tara hollett
    I had to switch phones and thought I knew my password to my gmail and my phone number on my account isn't up to date I have so many pictures backed up on this account how can i recover my account.
    Replied by: Brew
    Heyy Tara They have a toll free number on their site man...... Why dont you call them up and get fix your problem

  24. Avatar

    on 28 June, 2017

    mary joy de sena de chavez
    Hi maam sir, Can you help me to recover my account maryjoydesenadechavez@gmail.com because it sends a verification code to my old phone and I dont have an access to it anymore. and i dont have any recovery email or any phone number added on my gmail.please help me.....asap
    Replied by: Jacob
    Mary, Call= 1-888-828-4871. they are the best, and i always use this number to get solution of my Gmail problems. they do their work, n till that time i use to do mine. So they had saved my time alot.

  25. Avatar

    on 28 June, 2017

    I need help logging in my gmail I don't remember my password or phone number please help me it's angelrichardson224@gmail.com
    Replied by: William James
    Angel Call on 1-888-828-4871 Because this number had helped me a lot not only with this problem but with others also. So i think its useful & helpful you can also try

  26. Avatar

    on 28 June, 2017

    Aries Jayson Tapel
    I forgot my password, my phone number is lost and other secret question i forgot how can i recover my account without secret question phone number. Thank you
    Replied by: Alicia Marie
    Heyy Aries Jayson, I also had same problem & you know my problem was solved within 10 minutes. I just called on a number and their technical assistance was marvellous. Number was 1-844-307-5663. You also call them, I am sure you are going to get solution of your problem

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