Gmail Password Recovery Without Mobile Number & Alternate Email id

How to Recover Gmail password without mobile number & alternate email id?

If the users forget or lost Gmail password and troubling in resetting their Gmail password mobile number & alternate email id, because they have not mobile number & alternate email id updated, so they don’t need to worry about anything. They can easily fix this issue by the help of the security question. Means users can also reset their email password with the security question in an easy way.

Have a look at given below steps.

Open Gmail login page or navigate “”

Select “Need help” option.

Choose “I don't know my password” option.

Now you have to enter your Gmail ID that you need to recover the password.

Enter captcha code which showing in the pictures.Click on “Continue” button.

Then enter the last remember password of Gmail ID or Choose “I don't know” option.

Click on “Can not access my phone” option.

Click on “Verify Your Identity by Answering Multiple Question Related to Your Account” option, at the bottom of the page.

Now you will see some questions, for which you have to fill the correct answers.

After filing the answers of all the security questions, press on "Continue" button.

Enter a new password & Re-enter new password.

Press on “Reset Password” button.

Hit on “Review my recovery info” option, which will forward to log page.

Now you can access your account with new recovery password.

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